Quiet Nights

Quiet Nights

~ Quiet Nights ~

In The Quiet Of The Night
My Thoughts Drift To You
My Dreams Take Flight
And When They Do
My Spirit Shines
My Spirit Soars


For me, quiet nights generally bring time to reflect. Reflecting on this year on what it brought my way, I think about where I am and where I'd like to be. How has grief changed me? How have I grown? What's important to me now?

As this year comes to a close this week, let's take time to thank someone who has been there for us, who has done something kind at any point this year. Take just a minute to send an email/text/call/or give a hug. 

Come and share today if you'd like to be around others. Our links are below. 

Weekly Journaling Prompt

Thinking about this entire year, let's write about something we did really well. We often think of what went wrong so much that we don't reflect on the positive choices we had to make.


Let's pick one and write just a bit about how your choice helped.