Rain & Love

Rain —

What an interesting day we're having in San Francisco. We're getting some much needed rain along with some impressive winds that have knocked out our power. So, this might be an interesting group if I have to dial in from my phone. Stay tuned. 

Let's stick with the theme of rain. Rain, like our tears, can be cleansing, releasing, refreshing. It can also be disruptive. However, if we let the rain and tears come as they do, we'll find that it's also nourishing and helpful to our wellbeing in grief. It feels good to let it out. 

Join us if you'd like to talk and share or just listen. I hope to see you soon. 


*** ALSO: Important Announcement ****

Online Pet Loss Memorial Ceremony
Sunday, 10/31/31

As we approach All Hallows Eve, Saints Day, and Day of the Dead, I thought it would be a good time to hold an online memorial ceremony again. Many of us haven't had the chance to say goodbye, or honor our loved ones in a memorial. That's the entire idea. 

Come share your positive memories, stories, experiences, and the love that you still have with all of us. Everyone who wants to share:

  • Let me know if you'd like a spot. We only have about 15 or so spots left. 
  • You'll have about 3 minutes to share whatever you would like.
  • Email me pictures ahead of time (or share your screen for videos).
  • Ideas: Read something you wrote to them, a poem, tell a story, share pictures. 

Join us next Sunday evening at 5:00pm.


Weekly Journaling Prompt

What did you and your pet do on lazy rainy weekend days? Did you do anything special? Did they like the rain?