Soul Mirror

Soul Mirror

~ Soul Mirror ~

~ Kevin ~

You Were My Soul Mirror
Reflecting Back To Me
What I Needed To See

Without Words Or Language
But By Your Actions And Eyes
I Knew Who I Needed To Be

This week we were talking about how much our pets taught us and reflected back to us throughout our time together. Did you ever have a bad day...a day that you really didn't want to do anything, but your pet made you get up and do something? And then things got just a little bit better? What other things did your pet make you do or what did their eyes and actions change about yourself?

Join us if you'd like to share about your soul buddy and be around others. If you can't, write about your memory and share it someone you love.


What was the biggest change your pet brought about in your life? How did they do it? Was it their eyes, actions, just who they were, or was it the responsibility and accountability that made the most difference? Let's spend a few minutes today thinking about how our pets changed us. Then write.

Soul Mirror