Thanksgiving Without You

Thanksgiving - Without You

~ Thanksgiving...Without You ~

I want to tell you about my day...
I want to laugh with you about yours...
But all the days start and end the same.

They all begin and end without you.

~ Ranata Suzuki ~

Thanksgiving is this week. I know many of us are finding it hard to think of things to be thankful for right now. When we have great losses in our lives, those thoughts drown everything else out, including gratitude. 

When we focus our energy on what we don't have, it makes it more difficult to notice those things in our lives where we can still discover hope and gratitude. Gratitude, not only for what we have but for what we have had. 

Our memories and experiences, all those past holidays together, they are still with us. 

For many, finding gratitude just takes a few minutes:

  • Sit still, upright, and just breathe. 
  • For the next few minutes, let's just notice what's around us. 
  • Become aware of our bodies; how do we feel? 
  • Become aware of our thoughts; what are we thinking right now?


  • Let's recall a pleasant memory, story, or a regular day together. 
  • Simply enjoying each other's company. 
  • Let's allow ourselves to feel that peace and tranquility from that moment. 

Can we be grateful for that experience, even now, through our loss?
Come and share that memory you brought to mind with us today. I'll put our links below. 

Weekly Journaling Prompt

What was your bedtime or morning routine? How much were they a part of it? 

Write a few lines about how you two would start and end your days.