The Flop

The Flop

~ The Flop ~

~ Kevin ~

Your Head Heavy,
Your Soul Light
Leaning Slightly To The Right
Get Up, Turn Around
The Flop Comes Down
Out For The Night

This week we were talking a bit about how we liked to cuddle with our pets. How they flopped down upon us. The various positions they found to sleep. Our prompt this week is all about remembering, just for a few moments, how much comfort we brought into their lives.

Join us today if you'd like to share your memories, your flop stories, and be around other people who are going through this loss and pain. If you can't, find someone you love to share with.


Did your pet ever "flop"? Getting ready for bed, adjusting, then crashing hard on the bed (or you). Think back to a time when they used to do that. What was their routine? Did they turn around multiple times or just flop straight down? Think on that for just a few, then write.

The Flop