The Light Of Impermanence

The Light of Impermance

~ The Light of Impermanence ~

The Light of Impermanence
Brightly Illuminates Your Absence.
This Empty, Barren Space.
Reminders of Everything Lost.

The Light of Impermanence,
Shows Cleverly Disguised Sordidness,
Now, See the Presence of Everything
Previously, Discarded, and Tossed.

Even This Harsh Light of Impermanence,
In All It's Forcefulness, and Pursuance
Can Make Me Forget the Fullness of
My Life With You, Intercrossed.

In The Light of Impermanence
I Now See The Value of Everything
Worth Holding Onto, Especially You.
That Makes Everything Worth It,
Whatever The Cost.


~ Kevin ~

I was thinking about the word impermanence earlier this week. The idea that one day we're going to have to say goodbye to everyone and everything. There are two ways to think about this: (1) In fear and focusing on what we've lost, or (2) to focus on what we still have. When we focus on what we have (we still have all our memories and real feelings) we feel better. 


One way to do that is by sharing our stories. If you'd like to share today, come join us. 


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Weekly Journaling Prompt

What has the light of impermanence revealed in your life? Have you ever been shocked to find out how much you missed something after it was already gone?