Thick In The Air

Thick In The Air

~ Thick In The Air ~

~ Kevin ~

Life Is Full Of Empty Spaces
Those Spaces You Used To Fill
Yet I Find You're Still
Thick In The Air
I'm Finding Moments
Bitter-Sweet & Surreal

We were talking this week about how our lives are still full of the spaces our pets used to occupy and how painful that can be. In many ways, we can still feel their presence all around us, because they were a part of our lives we'll always have those memories and precious moments with them. Therefore, they'll always be a part of our lives.

Join us today if you'd like to share about the empty spaces in your world. If you can't, find someone you love to share with.


What was their favorite space in the house to be? Did it change based on time or the day? Did they have a special weekend spot or sunbeam to stretch out in? Let's spend a few minutes thinking about a special memory we have about their favorite spot, then write.

Thick In The Air