We Gave Lemons Life

~ We Gave Lemons Life ~

~ Kevin ~

When Life Gives Us Lemons,
Or So The Expression Goes,
We're To Somehow Compose Prose
To Transpose and Oppose Life's Throws and Woes...
But There's No Sweetness In These Throes.

Yet Friends Come Suddenly To Life's Defense,
"It's Okay That Your Friend Is Forever Hence!"
"Look At The Bright Side", and
"Don't Dwell In The Past Tense."
What?!? Now I Must Make Lemonade From This Nonsense?

And That's Supposed To Be Okay?
No Way.

For All The sugar In The World,
Can't Sweeten This Bitter Departing
Nor Unexpose My Heart
From The Sour Flavors Of This Life So Tart.

When Life Gives Us Lemons and Strife,
Cry, Rage, and Squeeze That Sour Parting
Right Into Life's Beady Little Eyes.
Sometimes There's No Sunny Side
To Life's Painful Goodbyes.

Pucker Up Friends, and Caress The Knife,
For Life Never Gave Us Lemons...
We Gave Lemons Life.

I read this week that a lemon is developed by crossing a bitter orange and a citron. Lemons didn't evolve on their own. We gave lemons life by cross breeding. So, I'm sure we've all heard the expression "When life gives you lemons...make lemonade" by this point. That expression is similar to others in that we should somehow be okay with everything that's happened in life. That we're not allowed to be upset. 

We have the right to show the sourness on our faces that life brings our way. Following this analogy, life never gave us lemons. The lemons in life are by trying to pretend that everything is sweet and okay, when in fact it's really not. 

Let's remember that today. It's okay to not be okay. 


Weekly Journaling Prompt

Did you ever give a slice of lemon to your pet? How did they react? What foods did they absolutely not like after the first time they tried it? Write about a food memory with your pet.

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