Your Sacred Things

Your Sacred Things

~ Your Sacred Things ~

~ Kevin ~

Your Things Are Sacred
And Can't Be Reused
With Your Soul
They Be Infused

I'll Put Them Up Safely
Out Of The Way
Lest They Somehow Go
Wondering Astray

This week, we were talking about some of the special items that our pets loved to play with and, now that they're gone, how much those items still mean to us. Do we keep them? Put them out of sight? Do we allow other pets to use them? Or are they special for us? There is no right or wrong thing to do here; these are just some of the thoughts we've had this week. If they did have a favorite item or place, an item or place that will always be theirs and only theirs, what was it?

Join us today if you'd like to share about your sacred things and talk how you're doing, and be around others who understand. If you can't, share a memory of them with someone you love.


Do you remember the toys or items your pets used to love? Did they have a favorite toy? What made it special? What happened if it went missing or another pet joined in? Let's spend a few minutes today thinking about one of those items and how much pleasure it used to bring to them. Then write. 

Your Sacred Things