Your Snore

Your Snore

~ Your Snore ~

~ Kevin ~

I Miss Your Snore
That Rhythmic Breathing
Lulling Me To Sleep
Then Your Random Sighing...
Exhaling...Like A Whale Surfacing
Waking Me Up To Say
"You Are Protected
Comforted And Loved.
Now, Let's Go To Bed."

This week we were talking about how comforting it was to hear all the ambient noises our pets make, like breathing or sighing for instance. Randomly hearing their exhale throughout the workday reminds us to also breathe, to let go of the hardships of the day, and to just breath. Or snore if you're a short-nosed pug.

Join us if you'd like to share about the ambient noises your soul buddy provided and to be around others. If you can't, write about your memory and share it someone you love.


What was your favorite ambient noise your pet made? Did you notice any noises from them? Did you know they were in the room if you couldn't see them? Let's spend a few moments today thinking about those noises. Then write.

Your Snore